Top Work!

When that behemoth of the bins, Faun-Zoeller, wanted to clean up its act and reach out to children in order to promote recycling and social responsibility they reached out to me. My creative response was a breath of fresh air and together with illustrator Carl Pugh we made something unique in social communications: a children’s book.

I won’t deny that being a children’s author helped but what really steered me was the need to talk to children on their own terms; a brochure just wasn’t going to wash. The work we produced, however, certainly did. It was engaging, current, adventurous, and not remotely patronising or preachy.



Indy publisher, Team 17, had a unique prison escape game on their hands requiring a campaign approach which would be noticed above the throng of indy games out there. My solution was to devise a character (who I called Jimmy Locke) which led an active, fun social media campaign. This, supported by 3D illustrations by David Burrows, set a tone of voice which resulted in one of their most successful launches ever.

Matching the copy to an existing client’s well-established voice is something of an art form and I’ll admit it isn’t always easy. With Meantime I had to put the work in, get to know the client, and adapt. Thankfully it all worked out and my copy replaced the old on a brand-new site and continues to represent the unique, people-centric approach this company has.